A Direct Link to Acidic pH and Diseases - By David Pittman 7/29/01

Healthy cells require proper intake of oxygen, water and nutrients. These same cells must expel the acidic waste products. These exchange processes, or chemical processes, work by plus or minus electrical ion charges. An ion is an electrically charged particle, formed when an atom looses or gains one or more electrons. Ionization and the body’s enzymatic processes are critically linked to even small changes of pH. The pH, short for “potential hydrogen”, refers to the acidity (less then 7.0) and the alkalinity (greater then 7.0). The human body is designed to balance the pH according to each organ or fluid requirements. The stomach is very acidic and the intestines slightly alkaline. The blood is slightly alkaline. Other than a few locations, the body functions best in an alkaline environment.

When the body becomes abnormally acidic, this metabolic condition adversely impacts the body’s anabolic repair and immune processes. Anabolism is defined as the process by which food substances are changed into the tissues of living animals or plants. Anabolic changes require energy, which is derived principally from the oxidation of organic plant compounds. Proper amounts of oxygen and water are needed along with the right enzymes to get complete combustion of nutrients for energy or for the rebuilding of damaged tissue.

It is interesting to note, that every natural plant food has digestive enzymes contained within them to pre-digest the food for any animal or human choosing to eat them. These enzymes are unique and different for each type of plant or fruit. Humans are the only animals on the planet that chooses to cook and pasteurize their foods. Heating raw food to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit or above destroys these digestive enzymes. This produces altered and incomplete digestion, which leads to acid by-products. Animal fats coupled with refined sugars add to this acidic problem by over taxing the insulin’s ability to function properly. The by-products formed are acidic, which impacts the blood’s pH. Calcium is obtained from the body’s reservoirs to neutralize these acidic changes, but the pH imbalance causes deposits to build up in the artery walls producing biofilms. The biofilms restrict oxygen uptake thereby causing more incomplete combustion and leads to long-term chronic acidic conditions. Bacteria embed in these biofilms causing inflammation and infections. These infections sometime swell and burst into the blood stream causing stokes.

Diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases have a direct cause and effect link to this acid pH condition within the body. All of these diseased conditions also depend upon one’s environment, lifestyle, diet and genetics.

The three big neutralizers at our disposal to counter this toxic acid build up are: oxygen, water, and uncooked alkaline producing foods.

Oxygen is increased by exercise, which also produces perspiration and vibration. Exercise aids in the removal of acidic waste deposits and stimulates the regeneration processes. Oxygen alkalizes the blood stream by combining with the hydrogen ions (acidic free radicals) to form water. Oxygen combines with the solid waste carbon to form the gas carbon dioxide, which is removed by the lungs. Oxygen boosts the immune functions and improves the food combustion processes.

Water is necessary for ionization and transportation of nutrients. Water flushes and carries the acidic wastes out of the body. When a person becomes acidic and dehydrated, mineral deposits precipitate out of solution and cause joint and/or tissue pain. These deposits interfere with the electrical system’s communication and cell repair functions.

Uncooked fruits and vegetables are the primary source of nutrients and alkalizing minerals. Avoiding the animal products is important when trying to balance the pH.

Jumping on a mini-tramp produces zero gravity at the top to about two times gravity at the bottom and gives every cell in the body a gentle squeeze. This is an excellent method of exercising. “Rebounding” as it is called, not only aids in acid detoxification and oxygenation but research has shown over 30 other health benefits.

For those individuals needing to take preventive or corrective action, I can recommend supplements for your diet, but I believe to reverse diseases and obtain optimum health you need to do more then take supplements. I recommend starting with the Hallelujah acres web site www.hacres.com. This web site has a diet called the Hallelujah Diet. I have studied and researched this organization and their diet for many years. In my opinion they have the nutritional answers. This diet works! It may be hard to start this diet, but the results are impressive. The key to why this diet works so well is because the foods contain live digestive enzymes, which unlock the healing nutrients in the food. I predict that this diet coupled with low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen treatments will change America’s healthcare industry.