Proper Body pH balance is essential
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"There are many immediate reasons why people die, but there is no underlying necessary reason that any scientist has yet discovered.  In short, there is no principle limiting life." ? Dr. Francis X. Loughran.

             Have you ever changed your dietary habits to more fruits and vegetables, or experimented with non-animal flesh dishes.  Improving a lifetime of eating habits is not an easy task.  Regardless of the reasons, most are not aware of the physiological necessity of a plant-based diet.
             The pH scale ranges from 1-14.  The highest acid level possible is a 1pH.  The most alkaline level possible is a 14pH.  The proportion of acid minerals relative to alkaline minerals is the major factor I use often to understand what is happening internally.  Body chemistry has a delicate range between 6.8-7.4 pH for proper maintenance of health.  This pH range is necessary for the whole body to function well physically, emotionally, and mentally.  That is not a philosophy; it is a physiological fact for cellular integrity.

             The environment of the stomach is acidic, while the intestine environment "ideally" is alkaline.  I use the word a "ideally" with intention.  Due to the poor diet of our modern culture, the intestines are generally more acidic than nature intended it to be.  As the landscape of dis-ease is created, it turns into an environment of parasitic and bacterial infestation, opposed to an alkaline symbiotic homeostasis.
             Would you prefer creating a toxic, acidic, anaerobic, parasite-laden, and systemically dis-eased body, or an alkaline, oxygen rich cellular system, which is vitally strong, and capable of defending itself against common illnesses associated with an average lifestyle?  The decision is yours.  Every action you take is a choice toward health or death.  Which will you choose?

Characteristic of Alkalinity

             There are five alkaline-forming minerals, also known as acid-binding minerals.  These minerals are: calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and iron.  Each of these are important for creating a healthy alkaline environment.  These minerals bind with acid minerals and evacuate those acidic and toxic substances.   Consuming more alkaline foods allows for a mucousless body.  A vision of a mucous-free body is no sinus congestion, chronic lymphatic congestion or swelling, fluid accumulation in the lungs, joint calcification, calcium deficiency, etc.
  A person who has properly balanced pH will be happy, content, free of body aches, and muscle cramps.   They will enjoy being emotionally stable and mentally clear.  The result are extraordinary because the tissues will exist in their natural and optimal alkaline environment, conducive for health.
             Thoughts and emotions are powerful forces that can alter our internal chemistry.  Happy people can life longer and healthier because a positive attitude will help create an alkaline environment.  As you may have already guessed, negative thoughts and emotions create acidic waste.  I have observed many people who have average to fair diets live a healthier life because their outlook or disposition is joyous.  Conversely, a person with dark thoughts and aggressive emotions will not find greater health on a better diet until they deal with the greater underlying issues of negativity. The graph on frequency illustrated how the emotional and mental energies have a greater influence on the body than the lower frequencies of fresh produce or herbs.  The same holds true with their effects on body pH.
             Sunlight effects the levels of acid within the body as well.  An alkaline chemistry is enhanced by the presence of full spectrum sunlight.  The opposite is true in the absence of sunlight.  Darkness creates acid build-up within bodily tissues.  The effects compromise the immune system, skin vitality, vitamin D production, and more.  Realize to the marrow of your bones that intention with integrity produces the best health possible.  There are no quick fixes for the long-term health and well-being.

Alkalinity creates. . .

Acidity creates. . .

Sense of oneness & harmony
Allows for friendly bacteria
Healthy organs & glands
Decreased body aches
Diminished illness
Relaxed behavior
Mucousless body
Cellular health

Mucous build-up
Anxious behavior
Increased illness
Cellular degradation
Increases body aches
Allows for bad bacteria
Sense of separation & pain

             In 1911, Dr. Alexis Carrel began what is now called "The chicken heart study."  While working in his laboratory he discovered that it was possible to keep a chicken heart alive as long as it remained in a colloidal nutrient solution and replenished it faithfully every 48 hours.  By following this simple procedure he was able to sustain the life of that tissue for 25 years!  A second study which used different cellular tissue had similar results.  These are remarkable findings.  Imagine this possibility; all creatures upon this planet have the opportunity for immortality.  By supplying a cell with its required nutrition and removing any metabolic or toxic waste, it can live indefinitely.
             There is documentation in Chinese medical writings were a doctor would remove toxic or damaged organs from a person and submerge this organ in a water or herbal bath.  Once the tissues were properly washed and allowed to soak-up nutritive fluids, it was reattached to the person.  This procedure was a successful and common practice that gave a patient marked improvement in their health.  This is why fluid exchange is vitally necessary for cellular integrity.  Next time you choose your thoughts, actions, reactions and foods, be aware of this mortality-factor.

Characteristics of Acidity

             Acidity, by its nature, breaks down bodily tissue.  It is created by metabolic, dietary and environmental waste. The minerals which are acid-forming also known as alkaline-binding minerals are:  phosphorous, chlorine, sulfur, silicon, iodine, and bromine.  Acids are highly irritating to delicate internal tissue.  An acidic chemistry will promote tissue dis-ease and symptomatic side-effects.  Cells can adapt to their unnaturally acidic environment.   That abnormal cell-growth is often diagnosed as tumorous or cancerous.  My research and experience has shown that most dis-ease is a result of acidic build-up and an anaerobic environment.  This may sound over simplified, yet it is the initial "root cause."  In addition, when acidic accumulation is not eliminated properly, body alkalinity decreases and acidity increases.
              An acidic pH will greatly disrupt the body's mineral balance of the three dominant alkaline minerals: sodium, calcium, magnesium.  The body will take calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid environment.  Eventually it will use up or transmute its own reserve of alkaline minerals to balance its chemistry.  When toxins remain: calcium deposits, tissue inflamation, joints and bones deterioration, swollen joints, body aches, tumors, lymph congestion, excess mucus production, skin problems, allergies, colds, flu, swollen tonsils, loss of eyesight.  In addition to this, a host of severe aggravation will occur from yeast and parasitic infections.
             As a natural metabolic process, acids are created and ideally released out of the 5 eliminative organs: bowels, kidney, lungs, skin and lymph.  All dis-ease, from viral infection to organ dysfunction, will develop acidic waste.  When the proper proportions of quality nutrition and water are consumed, then optimum health is achievable. The body works in various ways to remove the poisonous waste. Eventually it must be removed.
             Suppressing a healing opportunity or toxins with synthetic drugs will inhibit body's janitorial service from serving you properly.  When symptoms are suppressed acidic waste does not it to leave the body.  These waste products dry-up and become dormant pockets of condensed waste without an adequate outlet.  This causes the surrounding tissues to mutate.  If the acid environment is left unregulated it will eventually result in abnormal cell-growth.  If health tissue is able it will encapsulate the toxic and abnormal cells to keep it from further harming local tissue.

Saliva & Urine testing is simple
pH ranges of bodily fluids

saliva pH 6.8 - 7.8
urine pH  6.3 - 7.2

You can determine the body's pH through self-testing urine and saliva with pH/litmus paper.  The highest quality litmus paper available shows distinct color changes in 0.0.2 increments; this is essential for an accurate analysis.  With greater sensitivity you can better detect changes.  It can be helpful to test yourself daily or weekly to see how pH levels can fluctuate.

SALIVA:  Take a saliva reading before and after meals.  The alkaline levels of your saliva should be greater after meals because there is an abundance of alkaline-rich minerals in saliva.  Then test your saliva 10-15 minutes after a meal.  If the pH level does not rise within the pH ranges, then your alkaline mineral reserves are low.  If the pH drops, this indicates a severe alkaline mineral depletion.  Leave enough time after eating to test saliva fluid and not the food's pH level.

URINE:  For best test results, reserve your urine pH in a glass container for a 24-hour period.  This will show the level acidic wastes are being excreted.  In the morning and during cleansing or fasting there may be more acid waste.  You can likely see urine pH become more alkaline as the day progresses.

Body Ph Strategies: Alkalinity vs. Acidity
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