A multitude of dietary, environmental and medical influences cause our bodies to retain toxins faster than they can be eliminated. I have found fasting to be the single best way to bring my body back into balance. The Burroughs Fast is my favorite.

In addition to rapidly eliminating toxins, the Burroughs Cleansing Diet is known to oxygenate and alkalinize the system, causing it to work against some forms of cancer that prefer acidic, low oxygen conditions. 

If you wish to research the Burroughs Diet, you will find this detailed article to be very helpful: Stanley Burroughs' "The Master Cleanser"

Click Here to get your own copy of "The Master Cleanser" for about $7 U.S. -

The Burroughs Diet requires pure Grade B Maple Syrup, produced without the use of formaldehyde available at: South Face Farm Grade "B" Pure Maple Syrup -

My personal recipe for the lemonade:

Combine In a clean, empty one gallon container:

1) 96 ounces steam distilled water;

2) 16 ounces Pure Grade B Maple Syrup (Pure Grade A Maple Syrup from a health food store will work in a pinch, but has less nutritional value as it is heated to a higher temperature during production. DO NOT use maple flavored pancake syrup which is made up mostly of refined white cane sugar and has no nutritional value);

3) 16 ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice (approximately 6 lemons, HINTS: soak the lemons in warm water just before juicing and they will yield more juice! An electric citrus juicer makes juicing easier, especially if you are on the diet for many days and in need of the juice from dozens of lemons. I don't make more than a day's worth (1 gallon) of lemonade at a time to insure freshness.)

4) 10 to 12 Capsules of 100 HU (Heat Unit) Cayenne Pepper ( I buy bottles of 100 capsules at my local health food store and open the capsules as needed. Powdered Cayenne for cooking is also available, but not usually labeled for Heat Unit content. I generally do not add the Cayenne to the gallon container, but pour the lemonade into four 32 ounce containers and add 2 to 4 capsules of Cayenne depending upon my mood and the time of day. I prefer more Cayenne in the morning (3 to 4 capsules per quart) and less in the afternoon and evening (2 to 3 capsules per quart) but I always use a total of 10 to 12 capsules per day)


Stanley Burroughs suggests that you may add more Maple Syrup per gallon if you are trying to gain weight and less if you are trying to lose, but to never vary the amount of lemon juice. He recommends that you eat absolutely nothing, but may drink additional distilled water if you desire.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz allows that one may eat a small amount of organic bran flakes (preferably in the evening), freshly made applesauce (made with the skins on) and watermelon in the event of extreme hunger. By experimentation, I've found that it's best to just drink more distilled water or cayenne spiked lemonade to get through the hunger pangs. They are usually gone by the third day, but if you "cheat and eat", they seem to stay with you the entire time. Horowitz also recommends taking Flora Fit once or twice per week, a capsule containing beneficial gut bacteria, if you are on the diet for extended periods (more than 10 days). I follow this recommendation and take Flora Fit when I am both on and off of the lemonade diet.


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