Obviously, a source of clean, pure water is absolutely necessary to maintaining optimum health. And lots of it. Most health experts concur that the average adult needs to drink at least 8 12 oz. glasses, while a minority feel that too much water can contribute to water retention and blood pressure imbalances.

One formula many follow is to divide total body weight in pounds by 10 and drink that many 12 oz. glasses per day.

Ex. 1: 200 lbs. divided by 10 = 20 12 oz. glasses of pure water per day
Ex. 2: 150 lbs. divided by 10 = 15 12 oz. glasses of pure water per day, etc.

Researchers like Paul Bragg and others believe that distilled water is the only way to go. However, caution is necessary. Some believe that distilled water is not the best overall solution.


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